The Technology Era

It’s been a while since I blogged here! I am going to try and keep up more with it.

Today I wanted to blog about the importance of keeping up with technology. I know sometimes we can all feel overwhelmed with new technology. It is bound to happen to us all one day.

I’m going to try and provide some tips for you to keep up with technology, and why you should.

I’ve been reading ( and found some very interesting statistics, go ahead and read these:

  • In excess of 1 000 000 000 books are published each year, a Google book search scanner can digitize 1 000 pages an hour
  • Americans have access to 1 000 000 000 000 web pages, 65 000 iPhone apps, 10 500 radio stations, 5 500 magazines, 200+ cable TV channels (near identical to the UK, apart from the radio channels, if you exclude web radio channels)
  • Newspaper circulation in the USA is down by 7 million in the last 25 years, but in the last 5 years unique readers of online newspapers are up by 30 million
  • In the last 2 months more video was uploaded to YouTube than if all the major US broadcasters had been broadcasting 24hrs a day, 365 days a week, since 1948
  • The same broadcasters get 10 million visitors a month to their websites.  In that period FaceBook, YouTube and MySpace receive 250 million (none of these sites existed 6 years ago).
  • 95% of all the music downloaded last year was not paid for.
  • Wikipedia launched in 2001, has 13 million articles, in 200 languages and worldwide employs just 12 full-time staff (no, that was not a typo).
  • Cisco’s Nexus 7000 data switch could move all of Wikipedia in just 0.001 of a second
  • The average American teenager sends 2 272 text messages a month, one of  my daughters regularly sends 4 000 a month
  • Nokia is manufacturing 13 mobile phones every second
  • 93% of Americans own a mobile phone.
  • 1/3 of mobile phone users feel it is unsafe to use them to make purchases.  So much for the ‘digital wallet’.
  • In 2007 Dell claim to have earned $3 million from Twitter posts
  • In February 2008 John McCain attended fund raising events for his presidential campaign and raised $11 million.  In the same period Barack Obama attended no such events.  Instead his campaign team used social networks to raise $55 million in 29 days.
  • 90% of the 200 billion emails sent each year are spam
  • By 2020 the mobile device will be the primary device for accessing the Web
  • The computer embedded in your mobile phone is a million times cheaper, a thousand times more powerful and a hundred thousand times smaller than the single mainframe owned by MIT in 1965
  • The computer that once filled a building now fits in your pocket, and in 25 years from now will be small enough to fit in a blood cell.

Amazing? Yes. Scary to some? I can see why. We’re constantly getting passed up by new technology. You go out and buy something new, and it seems almost instantly you’re considered obsolete.

My blog today is about the reasoning behind why you need to keep up with technology. I have recently been licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, and am now working for Coldwell Banker. I’ve noticed there are different kinds of people in real estate – those who work with technology, those who are trying to learn, and those who do not.

Some people understand the concept of why you should incorporate technology into your life. The basic reason is that it makes your life simpler. If you can leverage technology with your time, you usually come out more productive and with more time on your schedule.

Facebook is growing. YouTube is growing. Mobile devices are becoming faster, smaller, and more feature packed.

We are in an information age. The way I see it is if you do not get with the times, you will probably be left behind.

If you are trying to learn about how technology can change your life, I recommended you take some basic computer classes for a foundation. It is absolutely essential that you learn how to use a computer, email, and the internet. Check out for free online classes for computers. This will be a great resource for you.

If you are computer savvy, and want to upgrade to the next level of technology in your life, I would recommend a smart phone. My smart phone is pretty much a computer, in my pocket. It gives me the power of the internet, GPS, camera, and communication wherever I am. This is very powerful in my field of work. Keep in mind that you will have to normally pay a monthly data rate on your cell phone bill for this service. I’m not going to go into full details about why you should buy a smart phone, but will explain the new ones out, and what it can do for you.

If you’ve got the computer mastered, and you have the smart phone down, the next type of technology I would recommend to you becoming familiar with is social networking sites. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc are all considered social networking. This will allow you to expand your network, learn about your clients / customers, and reach out to them to hear what they are saying about YOU. Twitter allows you to do a search with a “real time feed”, so you know what is going on – up to the second. You can search by location with phrases, and all different kinds of searches. Its great, check it out at If you join Twitter, be sure and follow me at

There are other ways to leverage technology. As I said earlier, I am a realtor in the Houston area. I am able to connect with potential customers and clients on my Twitter – or my Facebook Fan Page at, or my own personal website

The point of this blog was to open your mind to technology. Instead of being afraid of it, realize that it is here to stay. Embrace technology, commit yourself to learning something new – once a week, once a month, etc and you will find that you’re having a great time.

Until next time,



About redannyday
Danny Day is a local Houstonian who has worked in many different areas of real estate. He blogs about real estate investing, trends, and data that relate to micro and macro markets in the United States, and Houston.

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